Foreigner Mortgage Guide: Your Fast Track to Costa Rican Property Ownership

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Foreigner Mortgage Guide: Your Fast Track to Costa Rican Property Ownership

Costa Rica checks all the boxes if your heart is set on owning a slice of paradise with dancing palm trees and gentle sea breezes. But financing your dream can seem intimidating. That’s where the real estate experts at Coldwell Banker Pacific Realty can be your superhero! We’ve helped hundreds of clients turn their vision of tropical living into a reality. We can help you, too! Read on as we share the ins and outs of property financing as a foreigner in beautiful Costa Rica. 

Can You Get a Mortgage for a Home Loan in Costa Rica? 

The short answer is yes! Foreigners can acquire mortgages for property purchases in Costa Rica, and there are several ways to go about it. From local banks to private lenders, there’s a solution available for your unique situation.  

Financing Property in Costa Rica: What Are the Options? 

Costa Rica welcomes foreign investment, so there are several property financing options. Among them are:  

Borrowing from Home Country 

Securing a loan from your home country is the first avenue to try. You are familiar with the process and requirements and may get more favorable loan terms.  

Private Banks in Costa Rica 

Some local banks in Costa Rica will finance for foreigners, but not all.   

The banking institutions that offer financing provide an array of mortgage products. You may have to submit more paperwork and proof of income, but local bank loans come with professional support every step of the way. 

Private Lenders 

This can be a workable alternative for some buyers, especially if traditional bank loans aren’t. However, terms will vary significantly, so diligent research is recommended before choosing a lender.  

Seller Financing 

This option is unique to the Costa Rican real estate market. Structuring payments directly with the seller makes tailored terms available that conventional lenders may not offer. 

The Smart Guide to Financing Property in Costa Rica 

The local market experts at Coldwell Banker Pacific Realty can help you navigate the home selection and financing process effectively. Our in-depth knowledge regarding down payment requirements and regional legal considerations will help you move into your new home quickly and stress-free.  

Financing for Foreigners in Costa Rica FAQs 

Q: Do foreigners need a hefty down payment to get a loan in Costa Rica?

A: Typically, that is the case. Be prepared with at least 20-35% of the purchase price. 

Q: Are interest rates high for home loans in Costa Rica? 
A: They can be more than what you're used to qualifying for back home, so shop around for competitive rates with several mortgage lenders in Costa Rica. 

Q: Can I use my current income to qualify? 
A: Proof of stable income always opens doors to real estate loans for expats in Costa Rica. 

Q: How long will it take to secure my home financing in Costa Rica? 
A: The process can take from a few months up to six months or more. Have patience, and you’ll soon be enjoying your new home in paradise! 


There are various paths to property financing as a foreigner in Costa Rica, each with benefits and considerations. Do diligent research and consult a local real estate specialist for guidance. 

Get Help from the Costa Rica Real Estate Experts at Coldwell Banker 

The exhilarating journey to home ownership in Costa Rica should begin with a call to our on-the-ground market experts. Using our detailed Foreigner Mortgage Guide, we’ll show you the myriad financing options and help you choose the right path forward. 

At Coldwell Banker Pacific Realty, we know that buying property abroad can feel intimidating, but with our expertise, those sparkling beaches and lush rainforests are within reach! 

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